Learn How to Conquer the Legal Issues Faced by Today's Scientists


Free Webinar 
The Art of War: The American Legal and Technological Battlefield

Recorded January 21, 2020 *recording available soon*

Join the EAG Laboratories team for this one-hour webinar, as they and Kirkland & Ellis attorneys discuss interesting legal and technical problems facing lawyers and scientists. 

Using case studies, they will discuss how principles from Sun Tzu's seminal "Art of War" military treatise were applied to achieve success:

1. Know the Enemy and Know Yourself
2. The Best General Wins the War Without a Fight
3. Where You Fight is as Important as How You Fight
4. The Enemy Often Provides the Means to Their Own Defeat
5. A Country Is Never Benefited from Prolonged Warfare
6. Good Fighters Make it Impossible for the Enemy to Draw Near
7. Mastery of Tools and Resources is Vital
8. Knowing Your Opponent and Their Army is Key to Victory

You will learn critical strategies for applying these principles with success to your own business and scientific legal questions. 

Instructional materials will include Sun Tzu's Art of War text and the presentation will be followed by an open question & answer session. CLE accreditation will also be provided to participants.

About the Presenters:

Albert LeeAlbert Lee, Ph.D., Vice President, Chemistry, EAG Laboratories
Dr. Lee has over 25 years of experience in custom synthesis, analytical chemistry, and medicinal chemistry. He is currently managing an investigative analytical laboratory focused on small molecules, solving complex problems involving deformulation (reverse engineering), product failure analysis, contaminant identification, and material identification. His professional experience focuses on contract research, new drug development and legal and IP challenges. Dr. Lee’s synthesis experience includes different types of chemical compounds such as pharmaceutical intermediates, analogs, metabolites, analytical standards (certified by EAG) and controlled substances (DEA Schedule I-IV). He is an expert witness and consultant in litigation issues involving intellectual property and patent infringement of pharmaceutical and chemical products. Dr. Lee has been deposed many times and advises legal clients regarding experiment design/technical strategies.

Carolyn Otten Carolyn J. Otten, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Analytical Services, EAG Laboratories
Dr. Otten has over fifteen years of experience in directing and performing analytical chemistry investigations. She has designed and supervised projects involving deformulation (reverse engineering), failure analysis, compositional identification and contaminant issues. Skilled in communicating results to clients, she is responsible for technical accuracy and data quality. Dr. Otten has served as a scientific technical consultant and expert witness, providing testimony for cases involving product liability and patent infringement.

Ila SharmaIla Sharma, M.S., M.B.A., Sr. Account Executive, Litigation Support Services, EAG Laboratories
Ila Sharma has over 22 years of experience in working with clients using the scientific capabilities of the labs to design projects that answer the client’s needs. She has designed and supervised projects involving litigation using environmental testing, physical testing, product testing and chemical testing for industries such as: pharmaceutical, metallurgical, consumer goods, semi-conductor/Hi-tech and biologics. Her knowledge of environmental methods, ASTM methods, DOT methods and pharmaceutical methods allows for a good comprehensive reference for project design. Sharma is responsible for using the vast knowledge within Eurofins-EAG to help clients solve their problems specifically in patent litigation and failure analysis cases.

Mary DothageMary Dothage, Manager, EAG Laboratories
Mary Dothage is a 17-year veteran employee of EAG Laboratories. During her time at EAG, Dothage has worked as a scientist in the laboratory as well as coordinated projects as a manager. While in the laboratory, she completed a variety of project types which include custom organic synthesis, process development, analytical method development, and method validation. Because of this varied background Dothage currently supervises a technical staff focused on solving problems related to consumer products, such as extractables/leachables, contaminant identification, failure analysis and deformulation.

Stefan MillerStefan M. Miller, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis
Stefan Miller is a partner in the Intellectual Property Practice Group in Kirkland’s New York office. His practice focuses on patent litigation and counseling in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biochemical arts. He has extensive experience in all aspects of litigation including pre-litigation investigations, fact and expert discovery, depositions, oral argument, technical reports and analysis, Markman and summary judgment proceedings, brief writing and trial before the Patent & Trademark Office, ITC, and Federal District Courts.

Tiana ZhangTiana Zhang, Partner, Shanghai, China Legal Compliance, Kirkland & Ellis