Application of Electron Microscopy to Lithium Ion Batteries

From Micron to Atomic Level

EV CathodeLi-ion batteries have become an integral part of our daily life by powering the cellphones, laptops and electric vehicles, etc. Fundamental understanding structure-property-performance relationship is critical to develop high performance Li-ion batteries and overcome their degradation. Aberration-corrected scanning/transmission electron microscopy (AC-S/TEM) can provide structure and chemical analysis (including Li) at high spatial resolution when coupled with energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) and electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS). Local chemical bonding information of transition metal can also be solved by EELS which helps reveal details of the electrode change after charge/discharge cycles. To preserve the native state, Cryo-focused ion beam (Cryo-FIB) could be necessary when preparing TEM lamella from Li-ion batteries.

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About the Presenter:

JiangtaoZhuJiangtao Zhu, Ph.D., Senior Manager of TEM technology
Dr. Jiangtao Zhu is the Senior Manager of TEM technology at Nanolab Technologies, Eurofins Materials Science. He has a PhD in Materials Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and did his postdoctoral research on TEM and EELS at Arizona State University. He specializes in utilizing and developing TEM and related techniques to solve complex materials analysis questions for a wide range of industrial and academia clients.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Basics of Li-ion batteries
  • Introduction of aberration-corrected STEM and EELS
  • Two types of Li-ion batteries case studies by STEM and EDS/EELS and effect of CryoFIB
    • Phone Li-ion battery
    • Electric vehicle Li-ion battery