Failure Analysis in a Complex World

Learn from the failure analysis experts at EAG Laboratories how to troubleshoot electronic system failures from a multidisciplinary approach. In our changing world of interconnected and automated entertainment, infrastructure, transportation and medical devices, your company needs to know how to respond to electronic, circuit, hardware, sensors or materials failures.

About the presenters:

Aram Sarkissian – General Manager, Engineering Sciences
Aram Sarkissian has held a number of leadership positions over the past 3 decades in the laboratory services space. He helped build one of the leading labs in Failure Analysis from its nascent stages to a leading position in the market and successful integration with EAG. Aram currently leads the Engineering Science division which also includes reliability, test, debug and other services geared to supporting semiconductor and microelectronics companies throughout the product development lifecycle.

Winfield Scott – Director of Technology
Winfield Scott has the responsibility to ensure EAG has the tools and techniques to keep up with the advances in semiconductors and electronic packaging. He has been using FA to help solve problems for over 40 years.

Daniel Sullivan – Failure Analysis Manager
Daniel Sullivan is a Ph.D. Chemist and has been working in and managing FA labs for over 30 years.

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