Circuit Edit Focused Ion Beam (CEFIB)

In the long and complicated process of designing and producing new integrated circuits, it is extremely valuable to be able to modify die to evaluate changes and corrects without having to go through a respin in the FAB. The Circuit Edit Focused Ion Beam (CEFIB) allows the cutting of connections and placement of new lines in the die which can then be tested to ensure the modifications made are the correct ones without the additional time and expense (often weeks and hundreds of thousands of dollars) of making new masks and wafers.


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About the Presenter:

dansullivanDaniel Sullivan, Ph.D., Account Executive
Dr. Daniel Sullivan has the responsibility to ensure EAG has the tools and techniques to keep up with the advances in semiconductors and electronic packaging. He has worked in and managed labs doing Failure Analysis, Reliability and Materials Analysis to help solve problems for over 34 years.



In this webinar we will cover:

  • CE FIB capabilities
  • Front and back side edit process flow
  • Sample requirements