Multi-Scale 2D and 3D Investigations of Li-Ion Battery Electrode

Presented: August 25, 2021

Structure and composition analysis of Li-ion batteries materials at different scales are critical to understand their electrochemical performance (such as capacity fade and lithiation/delithiation pathways). A battery cell’s behavior is directly related to how the slurry gets assembled on the electrode. The performance has a strong correlation to the primary and secondary particle network inside the electrode. Further the lithium-ion movement and the electrode/electrolyte interaction start at the atomic level. So, characterization of the electrodes at different length scales is necessary to fully understand the battery performance.

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In this webinar, we will use different techniques for the characterization of Li-ion battery electrode (cathode) at different length scale. 

  • Millimeter to micrometer scale: Broad beam polishing and SEM will be used to understand morphology, structure, agglomeration, uniformity of the active materials.
  •  Micrometer to nanometer scale: SEM/STEM/EDS/EELS/PED will be applied to understand their crystalline structure, composition and phase.

In addition, 3D tomography will be used to visualize the 3D morphology and elemental analysis:

  • Micrometer scale: FIB/SEM 3D tomography will provide morphology, size, crack, porosity of the active materials.
  • Nanometer scale: Atom Probe Tomography will provide 3D distribution of elements including Li at high spatial resolution.

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About the Presenters:


Jiangtao Zhu, Ph.D., Senior Manager of TEM technology
Dr. Jiangtao Zhu is the Senior Manager of TEM technology at Nanolab Technologies, Eurofins Materials Science. He has a PhD in Materials Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and did his postdoctoral research on TEM and EELS at Arizona State University. He specializes in utilizing and developing TEM and related techniques to solve complex materials analysis questions for a wide range of industrial and academia clients.


Jeff (Shaojie) Wang, Ph.D., Senior Materials Scientist
Dr. Jeff (Shaojie) Wang is a Senior Materials Scientist at Nanolab Technologies, Eurofins Materials Science. He received a B.S. in Physics from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 2003, and a Ph.D. in Materials Sciences and Engineering from Lehigh University in 2012.