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nanoindentationIn order to understand how solid structures behave under external mechanical loading conditions, it is important to know the mechanical properties of its constituents. Mechanical testing is performed to obtain those, and while this is macroscopically mostly done through e.g. tensile-, bending-, compressive- or acoustical tests, the scale ability of traditional macroscopic methods is limited.

Nanoindentation is a powerful technique, allowing to overcome this barrier, allowing to measure elastic-, plastic-, brittle properties with high depth- and spatial resolution with high throughput and minimal sample preparation. The principle is based on a continuous and accurate measurement of forces and displacements while a probe with well-known geometric properties penetrates into the surface, combined with a suitable contact model to extract the mechanical properties from the raw data. This webinar will give you an introduction into a few theoretical fundamentals to better understand Nanoindentaion, as well as insights into typical experiments, requirements and output at hand of selected applications.

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About the Presenter:


Ilja Hermann, Ph.D., Senior Scientist
Dr. Ilja Hermann has over 15 years experience in materials testing with a focus on metrology, mechanical properties, nanoindentation and the technology and design of instrumentation for precision measurements of force and displacement.


In this webinar we will cover:

  • Introduction on Nanoindentation
  • Theory and experimental aspects
  • Application examples
  • Conclusions