Particle Characterization

Analyzing and Reducing Particulate Matter


Particles present unintentionally are considered particulate matter. The source of particulate matter may include raw materials, manufacturing components, packaging processes, and contamination.

Common challenges with particulate analysis include:

  • Lengthy turnaround time or inadequate lab capability
  • Limited sample size, number of particles
  • Location and isolation of the specific particle
  • Contamination prior to analysis (environmental, sample handling)

Do these challenges sound familiar to you? EAG Laboratories can provide data on the quantity, size and chemical characterization of particulates, and propose solutions to reduce particle matter. Join Dr. Zhang for this webinar to learn more about analyzing and reducing particulate matter in a timely manner.

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About the Presenter:

Lynn headshotDr. Lynn X. Zhang, Senior Technical Specialist

Dr. Lynn X. Zhang earned her B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering at the Shenyang University of Chemical Technology in China. After graduating from college, Lynn continued her educational experience in chemistry. In 2011, she obtained a Master’s degree in chemistry focusing on plasma temperature study at Murray State University in KY. Lynn joined the graduate program to pursue an analytical chemistry Ph.D. in the Chemistry department at Clemson University in SC and obtained her Ph.D. in 2015. She is currently working at Eurofins EAG Laboratories, using her knowledge and skills for industrial applications. Lynn’s engineering background has provided a different point of view for her years of research in spectroscopy. Since 2011, she authored/co-authored 12 peer-reviewed articles and presented 10 oral presentations/posters at various conferences. Lynn has been awarded the Technical Division on Reference Materials (TDRM) student award from the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists (AOAC) International and Toma Hirschfeld and FACSS student awards for her research accomplishments. Lynn is currently serving as chair for the Society for Applied Spectroscopy (SAS) website committee and chair for the SAS publicity committee. Lynn has been with Eurofins EAG Laboratories for 4 years, started as a Scientist and serves as a subject matter expert for the particulate matter reduction. In addition to study and research, Lynn is a big fan of beer brewing, and applied her researcher’s spirit into homebrewing: creativity and reproducibility.