Testing of High Speed I/O

As the data bandwidth of internet continues to increase; semiconductor companies are developing and bringing to market higher speed devices to support the higher bandwidth requirement.  These devices are used in the network infrastructure, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence devices with data rates up to 112Gbps. These high-speed devices are bringing new challenges to the semiconductor test engineers to verify these devices in both characterization and production. EAG has recently installed a new high-speed testing solution which was developed in a collaboration between Advantest and Multilane. This solution provides test rates up 112Gbps in PAM4 and 56Gbps in NRZ.  EAG’s customers will use this high-speed test solution to validate the devices from characterization to production. This webinar will provide you an overview of the capabilities of this solution.


In this webinar we will cover:

  • High Speed Devices and Applications
  • Advantest / Multilane Integrated High Speed I/O Test Solution
  • Multilane Instruments for testing High Speed I/Os
  • Comparing Multilane V93000 Solution with Other Test Methods

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About the Presenters:


Aram Sarkissian, General Manager, Engineering Sciences
Aram Sarkissian has over 25 years in the laboratory services space supporting semiconductor and microelectronic companies. He has served in a variety of roles with increasing responsibilities in Engineering, Sales & Marketing, and Management. Over the past 10 years, Aram’s leadership and understanding of the technology, markets and customers helped early integration efforts at EAG as several acquired labs were consolidated to form today’s Engineering Sciences Division which offers a more comprehensive approach to problem solving across a range of disciplines including: Test, Reliability, Debug and Failure Analysis. Aram holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.


Tom Napier, ATE & Planning
Tom Napier has served in a variety of roles since joining EAG in 2011, Applications Manager, Program Manager and is currently the Director of ATE. Tom had previously worked for Schlumberger and Formfactor for more than 30 years in the semiconductor ATE industry. At Formfactor he was Director of Technical Marketing for the System-on-Chip(SoC) Wafer Probe Card product line. In Schlumberger Tom help start the SABER services, he held positions as Director of SABER test engineering services, program manager, product marketing manager, and application engineering manager. Tom holds a BS in Electronic Engineering Technology from the Ohio Institute of Technology.

DonDon Blair, Advantest Business Development Manager
Don graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Ohio Institute of Technology and was first employed by Schlumberger in San Jose, California focusing on digital and mixed signal application development. He was later employed by HP (then Agilent, Verigy and now Advantest) developing applications on various tester platforms. Don has more than 30 years of experience in the automatic test equipment (ATE) business working to maximize customers’ profits in the development and manufacturing of integrated circuits.


Doug Malech, Multilane ATE Product Owner

Doug Malech has over 30 years of semiconductor industry experience. He spent the earlier half of his career working in both automatic test equipment (ATE) instrument design and sales roles at Axiom Technology and Credence Systems Corporation. He spent his most recent years working for Maxim and Renesas in business development roles. Doug is currently the ATE sales manager for Multilane’s high-speed instrumentation that has been fully integrated into the Advantest 93000 tester platform.


Chuong Huynh, Sr. Apps Engineer, MultiLane Solution Technical Expert

Since 2017, Chuong Huynh has worked at Multilane as a Senior Field Applications Engineer. He is a graduate of San Jose State University (SJSU) with summa cum laude honors and two times Dean’s Scholar award. He is the first SJSU student to receive three Outstanding Student awards in one semester for Physics, Math and Engineering. Within a few years, Chuong has risen to be one of Multilane's foremost experts in the application of benchtop and ATE instrumentation to high-speed serial testing.